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We deliver successful events time after time, and one perennial favourite at our events is table tennis.  First played in Victorian England, ping pong is a true vintage game as well as an Olympic sport.

It’s especially fun for corporate events, networking, office parties, conferencing and team building events. It’s popular at birthday parties and fun days too. At weddings, if a guest comes away from the reception party with a bottle of bubbly, they’ve won at ping pong, that’s a happy guest.

We supply full-size, competition tables and personalised folding table tennis plus everything you need: balls, bats and nets. Indoors or outdoors, give your guests a chance to be competitive and have fun practicing their slice shots and smashes.

Hire Table Tennis Equipment

Just as playable as the full-size tables but taking up less space, our Compact Table Tennis Tables look great with the fabric skirt covering the legs, in a wide choice of colours! These are perfect for weddings - they don’t take up the whole venue and can be fully customised to fit in with the décor. Not only that, but we’ll print your favourite images onto them for a one-of-a-kind ping pong experience!

In full-colour, high-quality, hardwearing print, you can have your own unique bespoke Compact Tables with the playing surface professionally printed with photos, logos, or any artwork you want to send us. Use block colours. Put a hashtag on them. The possibilities are endless.

These tables are lightweight and fold up into a flat-pack box. Just as sturdy and playable as a standard table, they fit into a standard family car and can easily be carried to where they need setting up.

So what could you do with our Compact Table Tennis tables? Stage a ping pong tournament with three or more of them? Add them to your event venue as a fun sideshow? Print your company’s insignia onto them for publicity? Print photos of the bride and groom on them at a wedding? Whichever type of event you use them for, when the party’s over, fold them up in seconds for easy storage or return.

Compact Union Jack Table Tennis
Compact Wedding Table Tennis
Compact Christmas Table Tennis
Compact Black Table Tennis
Compact Blue Table Tennis
Compact Orange Table Tennis

Personalise with your logo

We can personalise your Table Tennis with your logo, hashtag or tagline.


  • Width: 100cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Height:74cm

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Hire our full-size, competition table tennis for your event. Have free play on your ping pong table or run a tournament with prizes to keep guests on their toes when they play.

We’ll bring the table and all equipment to you and set it up, then take it away again when you’re done. No effort is required on your part except to play some ping pong!

Ping pong is such a popular game because it’s sociable, fun, competitive and is as much of a workout as your guests want to make it. Provide your guests with hours of fun by adding a ping pong table to your Fun4Guests entertainment package.

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