Face in the Hole Fun!

We make the much-loved traditional seaside face in hole boards that are a cherished part of our coastal heritage. But we don’t stop there. We also make special bespoke face in hole boards for use at parties, corporate events, weddings, sports events, fundraising events and product promotions.

At weddings, the bride and groom’s names can be added to one of our wedding-themed face in hole boards, or we can create a fully bespoke board based on a discussion with the wedding planner. We make sure the design is exactly to your liking before we make the end product and send it out to you.

We have a large range of face in the hole photo boards in a number of designs, available for hire at your event. Choose from themes such as seaside, wedding, circus, Christmas and seasonal. So please do contact us if you think these will fit in with your event requirements.

Christmas Face in the Hole Board
Seaside Face in the Hole Board
Wedding Face in the Hole Board
Circus Face in the Hole Board

We have provided face in hole boards to the National Trust, Standard Fireworks, the German Embassy, the Evelina Thames Zipwire, the Dogs Trust, Tilda Rice, Autoglass, Mod Pizza, the Sun Newspaper, Norwich City Football Club, World Animal Protection, Sense, and hundreds of other organisations and charities. The boards are also very popular at weddings for creating especially memorable photos of the big day.

Our custom boards can be branded with a company’s logo, a campaign hashtag, web address, phone number, or any other insignia the customer wishes us to put on them. At events, the boards provide constant fun as people line up to put their face in the hole and have their photo taken. Any branding on the board is then shared on social media in the photos, to spread awareness of the event or campaign (or wedding!)

We have also developed a board that folds in half for easy transportation! It can be carried by hand and fits easily into a small car when folded. At your event it pops open to become a full-sized photo cutout board which is just as rigid and sturdy as a regular board. Ideal for one-person events or where easy transportation is needed. Full custom options available. Check out our folding board.

Portable modular Crazy Golf

Professional quality and construction

All boards are printed on sturdy, lightweight, weatherproof foamex board and have sturdy feet that are wide enough to stop the board falling over in most weather conditions. Because they are waterproof, a popular way of using them is to stage a wet sponge throwing contest to see how many times you can hit a certain person with their face in the hole. Who that person is up to you, but company bosses and teachers are frequent victims!

Our face in hole boards are proven fun at weddings and are effective at corporate events and charity promotions. They create an interactive attraction that gets everyone laughing, breaks the ice and produces memorable photos, whatever the event. We make several ranges of ‘off the peg’ boards including Seaside, Wedding, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Saucy Adult. These can be hired as they are, or we can produce them with additional insignia to provide some customisation.

Alternatively, we are happy to work with you on a design either based on artwork you provided by you or created by our own in-house designers. This will produce an absolutely unique face in hole board that is the size you require and has the number of face holes you specify. When you are absolutely happy with it, we’ll print the design in high quality onto foamex board, cut out the face holes for you and ship it with easy-to-assemble legs that can be put together in minutes. The end product is a professional, high quality board to grace your event.

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