Vintage Kissing Booth

Vintage Kissing Booth

Roll up, roll up, and get your kisses here! Kissing booths are a traditional idea in which the booth holder offers kisses in exchange for a small sum of money. ‘Gimme a buck and pucker up’ was the cry at these sideshow attractions back in the day. They are a great way to raise funds for charity, especially if an attractive person or even a celebrity is present to provide the kisses!

A kissing booth is perfect at weddings, of course, for the happy couple to be photographed in, and any guests who feel like a snogfest too. On such occasions the fee can be waived and the kissing can happen just for fun. For newlyweds and other couples, kissing booths never fail to give the ‘awww!’ factor.

Like all our event hire attractions, the kissing booth is made in-house by our skilled carpenters and painters. It is designed to give a vintage feel that helps to make an event or wedding feel timeless. Hire it for that extra sweetness of people kissing and giggling. Mwak mwak or your money back!

Our kissing booth can be set up indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t require power (just the power of love!), so it can be set up pretty much anywhere. Made of weatherproof Foamex PVC board and supported by sturdy aluminium feet, it won’t wobble in a breeze and won’t blow over in anything less than a storm. We can’t guarantee it is fully resistant to unbridled passion, though. Light petting only, please!

For weddings and events, we can customise the booth with a chalk board-style sign on the front that reads the event, location, names, and other information you may want to add, such as a hashtag or web address. This works as a ‘date stamp’ in photos and a quick reminder of where and when it was taken. If the booth is for a corporate event, a message on the front will also help to promote the company’s brand.

Dimensions of the booth are 220cm tall by 150cm wide by 80cm deep. As well as the large heart-shaped hole in the front, it also has two smaller ones in each side, for photographers to catch the kiss from as many different angles as possible. Robert Doisneau eat your heart out! The kissing booth could well be the setting of the next great historic kiss photo. Maybe it could happen at your event!

Hire the booth. You know you want to. The kissing booth is guaranteed to add giggles and fun to your wedding or event, and lots of great photos.

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