National Self Portrait Gallery

The National Self Portrait Gallery adds a fresh new twist to the face-in-the-hole boards we all know and love from seaside holidays. Instead of the usual ‘fat lady on a beach’ and other saucy seaside pictures, this new gallery brings classic oil paintings into the realm of face-in-the-hole boards for a unique experience. It creates memorable selfie-style pictures that people will want to share with their friends. The public love the idea and queue up to have their picture taken.

‘It’s the best thing we’ve ever hired,’ said Hannah, a corporate event organiser from London. ‘It brought the whole atmosphere up several notches. It’s a really classy-looking installation, and the interactive element kept guests entertained all the way through because everybody wanted to have a go. It’s also pretty unique, so I could be sure that my guests haven’t seen it before.’
The National Self Portrait Gallery
Portrait Gallery

The paintings are arranged into photo walls that are just like a real art gallery, but with the faces cut out and a place to stand behind them. Guests put their faces in the holes and have their photo taken. The results are often hilarious. The gallery is solidly constructed and gives an impression of quality and authenticity.

The National Self Portrait Gallery can be hired as a ‘pop-up’ interactive art gallery for corporate events, charity fundraising, marketing & PR events and product launches. It is up to the event organiser to choose whether or not to charge for entry. A nominal entry fee can be a good idea if the gallery is in a public place and is being used for fundraising.

Classic portraits bring the idea of face-in-the-hole boards bang up to date in a tasteful and amusing way. A bit of irreverent humour goes a long way – and the National Self Portrait Gallery goes a long way towards making any event memorable.

The National Self Portrait Gallery is a parlour game for the selfie generation, combining the fun of face-in-hole with classic paintings from the 16th Century onwards. It brings the charm of bygone eras to modern photography. And it’s really funny.

Portrait Gallery
National Self Portrait Gallery

pop-up interactive art gallery for corporate events
face-in-the-hole boards
photo walls

Have your own photographer for the event or let guests snap each other with their smartphones. Run a competition on social media for the best King Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth I. See who does Munch’s The Scream the best. Find out who makes the perfect Laughing Cavalier, or the funniest Mona Lisa. The classic portraits literally come to life with people’s faces in them. Van Gogh and Magritte, Vermeer and Gainsborough all get a makeover with real people’s faces. Your guests will literally get into art.

The Gallery doesn’t need a very large space – ask us for dimensions if you are thinking of hiring it as part of your Fun4Guests package. In general terms it will fit into a small to medium-sized room.

Take your guests on a journey through art history they’ll never forget with the National Self Portrait Gallery.



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