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We deliver successful events time after time, and one perennial favourite at our events is table tennis. Yup, good old ping pong. First played in Victorian England, it is a true vintage game as well as an Olympic sport. The Victorian upper classes played it after dinner as a parlour game. Ping pong was probably invented by British military officers in India in the 1860s or 1870s, with (it is speculated) a row of books as the net, two books as the bats and a golf ball. It must have been hard to get any spin on it!

The name ‘ping-pong’ was trademarked by British manufacturer Jacques & Son in 1901, but had been widely used before that. Another lesser used name for it is whiff-waff. The balls we now know were introduced to the sport by James W. Gibb, a British ping-pong enthusiast who travelled to America and discovered novelty celluloid balls which turned out to be ideal for the game. E.C. Goode, also in 1901, hit upon the idea of fixing a sheet of dimpled rubber to a wooden blade, giving us the modern racket.

You can have free play on your ping pong table or run a tournament with prizes to keep guests on their toes when they play. It’s especially fun for corporate events, networking, office parties, conferencing and team building events. It’s popular at birthday parties and fun days too. At weddings, if a guest comes away from the reception party with a bottle of bubbly they’ve won at ping pong, that’s a happy guest.

We supply full-size tables and everything you need: balls, bats and nets. Indoors or outdoors, give your guests a chance to be competitive and have fun practicing their slice shots and smashes. Tables, bats and balls are tournament quality and in top condition so duff shots are the player’s fault, not our equipment’s!

Like all Fun4Guests products, the ping pong tables require no power source so they can be set up anywhere indoors or outdoors, even in a remote field if that is where you’ve chosen to hold your event.

We’ll bring the table and all equipment to you and set it up, then take it away again when you’re done. No effort is required on your part except to play some ping pong!

Ping pong is such a popular game because it’s sociable, fun, competitive and is as much of a workout as your guests want to make it. Provide your guests with hours of fun by adding a ping pong table to your Fun4Guests entertainment package.

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