Vintage Photo Wall

Our vintage photo walls are a delightful addition to any wedding and have proven a massive hit. They are mobile frames for photography made to look like bygone living rooms with guests or the bride and groom in the pictures on the wall. We provide vintage memorabilia and props like hats, glasses and moustaches for the fun of dressing up to pose in the frame. The bride can drape herself on a chaise longue while the husband poses on the photo wall, or vice versa, or any scene you want to create. Guests can do the same, with their children if they want, to create cosy family scenes in a vintage living room.

The wallpaper is discreetly patterned cream and can be changed to red velvet, paisley, or any style you request. You can hang your own photos from home on the wall around the main frames to personalise it even further.

The photo walls work brilliantly indoors and outdoors. Also, the other great thing with the photo wall is that you do not need any electricity for it work. So, you don’t have to worry about people tripping over any cables and any possible power outages! There’s something wonderfully surreal about placing it outdoors on grass or in front of hay bales if that is an option. The walls are brilliant wedding entertainment for bride, groom, family and guests alike. Each new photo is unique and memorable, perfect for sharing on social media and printing for framing or the wedding album.

If you have hired a wedding photographer they will love to include the photo wall in their shots. Another fun way to use a photo wall is to buy a Polaroid camera and pass it around for guests to take instant snaps. There’s still no quicker way to get a hard copy of a photo in your hand! Even today’s latest technology can’t beat the ‘click ... whirrr’ of a Polaroid printing an instant photo. And the nostalgia element is there too. An album full of Polaroid photos with handwritten comments under them has a special something about it.

Our photo walls are also popular for corporate events and parties. We can brand them for you with company logo, announcements, hashtags, URLs or any other insignia you request to customise the walls. Snaps taken with smartphones and tablets that are shared online will feature the message you have asked us to put on the photo wall, increasing exposure and awareness. The boards are great at Christmas and seasonal parties, product launches, marketing drives, awards evenings and charity fundraising events.

We take great care to ensure your photo wall is perfect for your occasion, well-constructed, and tasteful (if tasteful is what you’re after!). They provide a focus point for guests to gather for photography and a source of fun as they jostle for position and choose their props and poses. They always produce an unforgettable load of photos to remember the big day.

We believe our photo walls are the best out there for quality of construction, look, style, and quality of service. With the smile-inducing props and furniture, and somewhere to set up the photo wall, you provide the guests and we’ll provide the fun!

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