Fun House Mirrors

Fairground mirrors might seem old hat – but step in front of one and you’ll be laughing within seconds. Sometimes called Distorting Mirrors, Crazy Mirrors, Carnival Mirrors, Silly Mirrors, Wobbly Mirrors or Hall of Mirrors, they make you look short and squat, long and thin, and any variety of strange shapes in between. Their golden age was the Victorian Era, so they are ideal to add a vintage touch to any event.

The mirrors are solidly constructed and the reflecting surface is flexible and shatterproof acrylic for safety. Each one has a different mirror shape and gives a different distorting effect. Guests love to walk along the line of mirrors and try them out to see how freaky they look. They never fail to get the attention of all ages.

One thing the Victorians couldn’t do was snap their reflections with their smartphones. But a quick look at photo sharing websites like Pinterest and Instagram shows how irresistible fairground mirrors are to photograph yourself in. Wobbly selfies are proven fun for all ages.

Now there’s no need to go to a fairground to see yourself and your friends in a fairgound mirror. Now they come to you! They are approximately the size of a door and can be positioned easily wherever you like. Combined with our Garden Games and a photo wall or photo booth, you can recreate a funfair atmosphere at your own event, party or wedding.

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