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Minigolf is all the rage at the moment, with new courses springing up as permanent daytime and nightlife attractions all over the country. Permanent minigolf courses require a lot of planning and construction – but we have the solution: a minigolf course that takes minutes to set up and take down! That means you can hire it for your event no matter where it is or how long it lasts.

"We hired the crazy golf and some games for our wedding reception and our guests loved them. We wanted to have something different and the guys at fun4guests made that possible."
Jennifer & Chris Wallace.

Putt it wherever you like!

Our portable, modular courses are versatile enough to provide fun for just a few people, up to hundreds of people for large weddings and events. They work both indoors and outdoors and are weatherproof. A course can be set up quickly by an average person with no tools required. A 9-hole course can be stored away in a space of 1m x 1.5m.

Hire the full 9-hole course for guests to putt around, or go for a compact 4-hole course if space is limited or you want minigolf to be more of a sideshow alongside other Fun4Guests games. The 9-hole course is versatile enough to adapt to any reasonably sized indoor or outdoor space.

Everything required is provided:

  • Interlocking tiles of astroturf putting surface
  • Foam course edge bumpers
  • Rubber-headed putters (of various lengths for all ages)
  • Low bounce balls (real golf balls are much too bouncy!)
  • Tricky obstacles
  • Score cards
  • Hole number markers
  • Clip boards and pencils
  • The score cards can be branded or personalised if desired.

A variety of hole layouts can be built by interlocking the square putting surface tiles in different configurations: U-bend, right or left dogleg, S-bend, T-junction, Wide Plains, Simple Straight, Challenge Putt (a long hole), and other possibilities. This allows you to set up a unique course that fits within the available space: either compact or spread-out according to the layout you desire.

Mr and Mrs Crazy Golf Obstacle
White Church Wedding Mini Golf Obstacle

New Wedding Course!

We have put all our creative energies into designing the ultimate wedding mini golf course. With a pure white theme and lots of special touches, it is sure to wow wedding guests and provide plenty of memorable photos!

The White Wedding Course consists of 9 holes, each with white bumpers and wedding-themed cutouts like white doves, champagne flutes, and clusters of hearts. Each hole has its own theme and decorations. For example the Love themed one features hanging kissing doves and heart shaped apertures. All obstacles, including the standard plastic ones from the My Minigolf range, are in white for a really special and beautiful wedding reception theme.

At the centre of the Wedding Course is a stunning 3D church with a putt-through bridge and optional LED lights in the windows to create a gentle window light effect at dusk. It is a magnificent centrepiece to the course. The church roof is a dry wipe laminate where dedications can be written to the wedding couple. It comes flat packed and like all the wedding obstacles is ridiculously easy to assemble. It takes about a minute to put up.

The other 8 holes are just as gorgeous – ask us about it and we’ll send you full details!

Have Fun and Tee Off with one of our Courses!

Setup is really simple. Pick a design for a hole and unpack the appropriate number of astroturf tiles. Unpack the side bumpers and stick them (with the velcro attached to them) to the astroturf tiles. Continue adding foam bumpers until your hole is fully surrounded. Pick an obstacle for your hole and place it where you think it works best – the level of challenge is up to you!

Portable modular Crazy Golf
Minigolf Course
Mini golf

Indoors, the tiles will not damage floors. Outdoors, if on grass, try to make sure it is mown. In windy conditions the putting surface can be attached to the ground using tent pegs through the dovetail interlocks to hold it down.

Once the course is set up, it can be left for guests to play on as they like or used for a mini-golf tournament (that’s what the score cards are for). People get insanely competitive when they know there is a prize to be won! Minigolf is trickier than it looks and it takes a few goes to find the perfect line for a hole-in-one. If you have laid out the course to make it fiendishly difficult, you can set the par to three or four for the hardest holes and see who can get round the course under par. It’s brilliant fun for all ages, that’s why minigolf is one of the most popular leisure pastimes around.

Why not try Crazy Golf at your Wedding
Branding options on our Minigolf courses

If you really want to get creative you can create your own adventure golf course by adding further obstacles or using the environment to create extra challenges.

With a minigolf course and a selection of other Fun4Guests games your party, event or wedding becomes a mini-funfair for all the family!

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