Folding Face in the Hole Boards

The ultimate in portability: folding boards!

Our face-in-the-hole boards are incredibly popular, and we’ve had a few requests from customers to make them more portable and easy to store away for the next event, particularly where the board needs to be carried through streets or up in lifts, or driven to an outdoor location. So we’ve come up with a solution: folding boards!

They cleverly fold in the middle to make them easy to carry around, and they are just as easy to set up as our regular face-in-the-hole boards. Our event boards can now be transported in even a small a car to wherever the event is happening, and stored away in half the space of a regular board.

No more awkward deliveries and two-person hefting! You can just walk into your event with the board and carry it to wherever it is needed. Setup takes just a few minutes. All the features of a regular board in half the space! The lightweight aluminium frame construction and PVC foam board makes our folding boards a breeze to carry.

Choose this option if you want the ultimate portable board for your wedding or event. If portability is less important to you, go for a regular non-folding board. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll make you a unique, bright, colourful face-in-the-hole board to add extra fun to the party!

Folding Photo CutOut Board

Folding Photo CutOut Board

Folding Photo CutOut Board

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