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Add some extra fun with our range of garden games!

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These games are a proven hit at weddings, parties and business events for keeping guests of all ages entertained. They can be used indoors or in a garden. We have hand-picked a selection of games that help to generate a fun atmosphere and can be dotted around your event to create a traditional mini-funfair. Each game is tried and tested to provide an appealing sideshow for guests to enjoy. They can be as competitive or non-competitive as they like – but some of the games aren’t as easy as they look!

When packaging an event together it is important to ensure all your guests enjoy themselves. We feel it is equally important to keep both the old and young amused, so we have a variety of packages to keep even the most difficult to entertain, entertained! Don’t leave your guests bored at your party!

We offer a range of quality traditional wooden games including Giant Jenga, Giant Four In A Row, Giant Dominoes, Skittles and Croquet. We’ve even thrown in some fun party games such as limbo and space hopper races to add some light hearted fun to your next event. The games are available to hire as a package rather than individually. The idea is to place them around the venue at strategic intervals, so that everywhere your guests look, there’s something fun to try.

Each game is just hard enough to require some level of concentration, but easy enough not to get too bogged down with. They are all designed to provide moments of laughter and fun: as the giant jenga comes crashing down and the skittles topple, there’s bound to be a big ‘whoop!’ from your guests. We have chosen the games carefully from our experience of supplying party hire games, and picked the ones that generate the most whoops.

A popular game for young ones is our Zombie Shoot Up. Nerf guns fire soft foam projectiles at boards depicting drooling zombies. This one is a proven hit with the kids, but grown-ups have been known to want another go once they’ve tried it! The sucker-tipped darts stick to the boards so that hits can be registered and admired. Give your guests a chance to avert the zombie apocalypse with pump-action Nerf blasters! All right, Zombie Shoot Up is not traditional or made of wood, but we’re prepared to overlook that for the fun value – and so will your guests!

We deliver the giant games package to you or your chosen venue in good time for the party. If you are far away from us we will send it by courier. The games are easy to set up and to pack away again for collection. We are happy to liaise directly with the venue or party planner to relieve you of the hassle of setting up, packing and returning the games hire package.

So if you want to sprinkle some extra fun all around your event, look no further than our giant games package!

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