Giant bricks hire

The most fun building material for events, parties and weddings! Megabricks are life-sized giant coloured bricks that snap together to make fantasy objects and sturdy event furniture.

Build cars, boats, castles and seasonal objects like snowmen and Christmas trees. Or make furniture like rostrums, chairs, sofas, dividing walls, counters and bars. Anything made out of Megabricks is sturdy, colourful, fresh and different!

Megabricks are also brilliant for building crazy golf courses! We supply the putting surface, putters, balls and putting cups along with the Megabricks, and you build a mini golf course that fits the space you have available. Indoors or outdoors, a Megabricks mini golf course can be as hard or easy as you make it! The options are endless - and so is the fun.

We supply kits for guests to build a variety of fun objects to keep them entertained. These include instructions and the correct number of bricks for the chosen build. Of course once it’s built your guests can take it apart and go freestyle, or have a competition to see who can build it the quickest!

Megabricks fit together securely without the need for tools or glue. All ages can have fun playing with them, from kids to big kids! Megabricks also give a great photo opportunity, both during the building process and in front of the finished results.

If you like the fresh, clean look of Megabricks, you can use them to build your event brick by brick! Walls, bars, counters, life-sized figures, stands, armchairs... give your guests a new and different experience. There’s nothing else out there quite like Megabricks, so dare to be different!

So whether you want a fun activity for your guests to do, or use Megabricks to construct an event or party area that has an original look and feel, we’ve got a box of blocks for your event!

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