Photo Stand-ins

Photo stand-in boards are large, eye-catching picture frames emblazoned with your logo, product images and marketing messages if you’re a business, or appropriate pictures and messages for weddings, corporate events, charity fundraising campaigns, school open days – indeed any event that needs a focal point for photos that carry a message.

It's possible for more than one person to get into the frame for a photo. The cutout is large enough to accommodate several faces, and the number of faces is not limited to the number of face holes as it is with our face-in-the-hole boards. With careful choice of background, the effect of a photo stand-in can look like a magazine cover created by a graphic designer, with the guests 'edited in'. People can’t help getting into the frame to have their picture taken. And the photos carry your message far and wide.

New for Christmas 2020

New for Christmas 2020, we have photo stand-ins featuring Santa and Elf. These are perfect for Santa’s grottos and other Christmas events. They are available to hire or buy and are off-the-peg designs that require no design time. They will get to you in the time it takes us to print and construct them – usually less than a week for mainland UK addresses. Hire or buy one of these colourful Christmas photo stand-in boards if you need to add some visual ‘zing’ to your Christmas event!

Christmas standins

Our bespoke photo stand-ins are one-off purchases that feature branding and messages that you request. They add a ‘photo booth’ to parties, weddings, corporate events. We can create a design based on your idea, or use artwork that you provide us with. Either way, the result is a professionally printed, weatherproof attraction that is sure to make your events more fun for everybody. We have seen some very clever and creative ideas from our customers. What will your photo stand-in board look like?

These attractions can be used indoors or outdoors. The material is PVC that doesn’t mind rain or sun, and the print is UV-resistant so that it won’t fade. That means that you can use a bespoke board on multiple occasions if appropriate, and it will remain as bright and colourful as the day we sent it to you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll get cracking to build and send you your very own photo stand-in board!

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Christmas standins